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In the Landscaped Courtyard You Can Have A Full Of Relaxtion


Set in the shade of the plane tree in our hotel park, and sauna awaits our hotelguests in every season.

Our 2 salty hot bathtubs in the immediate vicinity of the sauna provide additional opportunities for total relaxation.

May be winter or summer – you can be richer with a real experience!


Plane trees
Landscaped yard


Located in the shade of the plane tree in our hotel park, our sauna is waiting for our hotelguests in every season.
Air heated to 85-90°C can help our immun system to get strenghtens promotes metabolism and detoxification, improves the functioning of the circulatory system, relaxes the muscles and calms the spirit of human.
Our sauna can accommodate 5-6 people at the same time.
When we using it is worth spending time and after that you can have a nice rest.
Please contact the Reception in case if you would like to use the Sauna at least 2 hour before usage!
Use of the Finnish sauna is available for an extra charge only for hotelguests (who has room reservation), min. 2 hours:

1-3 people: 2.400,- Ft / 2 hours / person
4-6 people: 1.900,- Ft / 2 hours / person


About the sauna

In general

An Avarage sauna program it can take 1.5 hour.
Every 10-15 minutes-depending on the individual and the condition – It is worthwhile to take a short break so that the body has a steady load.
If you feel the inside air too hot, we recommend that you refresh yourself in the open air before the next sauna heat. Maximum 3-4 times recommended within one day.
It is important that you take a sauna after a short time to complete the multiple changeover, avoiding alcoholic beverages.

Not recommended

Feverishly; infectious disease; inflammation caused by bacteria; after fresh surgery, muscular articular and pneumonia

High Blood pressure, people with circulatory disorders, kidney and heart patients. Also not recommended for pregnant mothers, because in contrast to the adult body, the fetus cannot deliver the temperature and miscarriage and premature birth may occur.


For nursing mothers, it is possible to stay for 5-8 minutes.

Under 4 years of age is not recommended. Children over the age of 12 can try on the lower bench for a maximum of 5-8 minutes. It depends on the child’s physical development, because their hearts cannot bear the load as adults do; moreover, they reach the efficiency sooner than adults.

warm water


The sauna is close to jacuzzi, providing additional opportunities for total relaxation.

May be winter or summer – you can be richer with a real experience!
Warm water naturally relieves pain.
The warm water of the massage pool reduces the stiffness of the joints and the resulting pain. As the body temperature rises, the blood circulation increases and the buoyancy of the water relieves the stress accumulated in the joints and muscles and improves the range of motion. The massage blowers ensure that the muscles, tendons, and ligaments relax, while pain-relieving endorphins are released in the body.

By using the jacuzzi regularly, you can maintain the strength and flexibility of your muscles, the mobility of your joints and prevent injuries.


By regenerating muscles for faster recovery

The time spent in the water is valuable time, especially if the massage also uses a warm function, it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. Dilation of blood vessels will increase blood flow. Nutrients delivered by blood reach the cells and tissues faster, so the regeneration time is reduced.

Effective stress reliever

Bathing in a massage pool is extremely relaxing. Just the thought of being able to relax in the warm, sparkling water has a beneficial effect on your well-being. Scientific studies confirm that using a massage pool has a healing and stress-relieving effect on the body, muscles and mind. Bathing in warm water increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain, which stimulates brain function.


The use of the jacuzzi can be used for a separate fee, which also includes the bathrobe, towel, the use of the sauna and the welcome drink!
HUF 7.000 / person / day

We recommend that you book an appointment in advance, because only in this case can we guarantee the performance of the given service at the given time. Of course, you can use the service without a reservation, but only if there is free capacity.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please notify the reception before the service time! If the reservation is not canceled in time, the amount of the service will be invoiced at the time of payment.

Rules for the use of the jacuzzi

Opening hours of the jacuzzi: 10:00 – 22:00
Our VitalSpa jacuzzi meets all international standards – it has a CE mark and an excellent rating from the independent certification organization TÜV.

Your relaxation and comfort is our primary goal, so we respectfully ask that you observe the following rules throughout our rest area:
– The jacuzzi is not for bathing, but for relaxation and massage.
– Before use, a thorough shower is mandatory, thereby reducing the entry of foreign substances and other impurities into the jacuzzi water space.
– You can use the jacuzzi at your own risk!
– Jumping into the jacuzzi is dangerous and STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
– Only clean bathing suits can be used in the jacuzzi.
– At the same time max. 5 people can stay in the water. (4 seats and 1 lying area)
– The jacuzzi can be used between 0-14 years of age only under parental supervision! – Don’t let the child go under the water!

– Pregnant women, guests undergoing medical treatment or guests with circulatory problems should seek a doctor’s advice before using the pool!
– The Jacuzzi cannot be used by patients with fever and infection, who have open wounds, and those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
– Do not sit in front of or above the opening of the water filter, as this may impede the circulation of the water and cause injury!
– Do not operate the massage pool pumps with blocked nozzles!
– Bringing in your own essential oil, salt, honey and other substances is FORBIDDEN! – It is FORBIDDEN to bring food, drinks and smoking into the jacuzzi!
– Be careful when getting in and out! Turn off the massage features to see where you’re going!
– Do not use electrical equipment (e.g. lamp, hair dryer, radio) within 1.5 meters of the jacuzzi!
– When the jacuzzi is not in use, the safety thermo roof must always be closed!
– The guest is obliged to compensate for damages resulting from improper use of the jacuzzi!

If the jacuzzi water needs to be changed due to improper use (e.g. spilled drinks, spilled food, too many people using it at the same time, bathing in dirty clothes, use of sunscreen and other cosmetics), then the cost must be reimbursed to the Guest! The fee for this: HUF 10 000,- HUF.
We cannot accept subsequent complaints!